What is Acumatica.dev?

Acumatica Summit 2020 and the annual Hackathon that kicks off the event is in the books.  Now that I’m home from another great Summit and Hackathon, I’ve decided to start a blog to collect snippets of things that help me as a developer.

I’m told that it takes about 5 years to become an expert at developing for Acumatica, and at the time of this writing I’m only about 19 months in on the endeavor.  Still, I’ve learned a lot already, and I hope that someday the things I post here will help others.  As you read my posts, keep in mind that I’m sharing what I have learned, which isn’t always “right” on the first try.  Just like many of you, I’m starting this journey with a background in a completely different language, database, and ERP, so much of this is still pretty new to me.  I hope that over time my posts will be better, but at the same time the earliest ones should be the most basic and useful for a new developer.  My time is limited, but I will attempt to post a lot quickly and then add a post here and there as I overcome new challenges.

One of the best parts of becoming a new Acumatica developer is that the tools and training material are FREE for developer use.  You’ll need a Windows 10 PC with at least a 4th gen Intel Core i5 processor and 8 GB of RAM to get the same experience I have from my PC, although an older processor will work as well.  In other words, pretty much any modern Windows 10 PC that a programmer would use from the last 5 years is sufficient.

Check back for my next post, and I’ll share more details about how to get started.