Help, I Forgot My Admin Password On My Sandbox!

I wasn’t the first, and you won’t be the last, but it happens. We get grand ideas of setting a great password on our sandbox instance, and then we go to dinner or get some sleep and totally forget it. Fortunately, when you have access to the database, changing that admin password is pretty simple.

Launch Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and connect to your database. In this example, I am using the database on my laptop and Windows Authentication.

Navigate to Databases… Your database (in my case Blog)… Tables… dbo.Users and then Right Click on dbo.Users. Click on Edit Top 200 Rows to access the list of users and (usually) encrypted passwords.

Locate the admin account on the Company ID where you are locked out. In most cases, mine is Company 2. Make sure you know what row is your user (in this case admin) and start scrolling right.

Locate the Password field. As you can see, the comment for admin is Administrator which helps you to know you are still on the right row. In this case, you can see that the password has been set because it is encrypted, unlike all the other accounts that are still set to the default “setup”.

Simply type your temporary password in the field to replace the encrypted password and save it to the database. This can be done as simply as clicking on another row. I set my password to “iforgot” in this example.

Go back to Acumatica and login with your new password. Once there, access “My Profile” from the user menu in the top right corner to change your password.

The user profile will open, and you can select the Change Password button for a standard form to change your password and have it encrypted in the database once more.

That’s it. Access is restored, and your new password is encrypted again.

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