AUG Summit 2022 SE

Before the pandemic, I remember making a trip to the inaugural AUGSE meeting in Atlanta. I didn’t get to attend the last one before the pandemic, so when we finally got the opportunity again, I couldn’t wait to get there!

Earlier this week, the southeast regional Acumatica User Group held an event in Atlanta bringing together well over 100 Acumatica users, vendors, etc. We enjoyed a welcome reception, a full day of informative sessions, and dinner with lots of prizes for those that visited all the expo booths during the breaks.

I had the honor of leading the developer sessions. The attendees of the sessions included folks I haven’t met before but also familiar faces from Summit in Las Vegas. While I was a little nervous to take on such a role, those of you that know me know that I love to share what I have learned with other developers and to learn from them as well. An added benefit of preparation for the event was that I got to practice some things that I haven’t done in a while. As it often goes, I was humbled in preparation by how quickly my skills can get rusty as I cleared the cobwebs from my mind and created sample screens and code to share.

To select topics, I looked to things that held particular significance for my development efforts this year, and I settled on three.

Coded Workflow basics (based on my personal blog series on workflows)
Getting started with a simple workflow on a custom screen. Defining basic states and transitions and adding simple actions.

Manipulating Attachments
Intercepting a file upload to rename it, manipulate images (i.e. shrink jpg files to lower resolution for smaller file sizes), etc.

Adding Approvals to Custom Screens and enabling Approve/Reject Reasons
Highlights of adding approval elements to a form. Includes extending a workflow (via code) to add standard approval functionality. Enable Approve/Reject reason on custom screens which is a relatively new feature of approvals.

The attendees in my session ranged in level of technical skill. While I shared code and walked though bits and pieces, it was more important to discuss how these tools might help them when they returned home. If you didn’t attend, you missed out on the explanation. However, if you are interested in the code we discussed, you can find it on GitHub here…

BrianMRO/AUGSE2022: Developer Session Code Samples (

If you are in the Southeast region of the US, I hope to see you at the next AUGSE meeting. Next meeting dates TBD.

Happy Coding!

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