Learn about the phenomenal power and flexibility of the greatest ERP system ever! Acumatica ERP leverages the Acumatica xRP Framework to Future Proof the software and provide incredible flexibility for customization.

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Stack Overflow

The Acumatica Developer Community loves helping solve problems. Just tag your questions to [Acumatica] and get help from developers around the world, including some direct from Acumatica.

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Summit & Hackathon

At the end of January, Acumatica hosts the annual Summit and Hackathon. Held in Las Vegas, this event brings together Corporate Executives, IT, and End Users for a week of fun, breakout sessions, and training. For 2021, Summit was pushed back to July, but 2022 returns to January!

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Why Develop for Acumatica?

Acumatica is built on a modern foundation that is designed for future proof technology. Leveraging the Acumatica xRP Platform, Acumatica is able to change the technology that powers Acumatica ERP to bring emerging technology to the end user. One recent addition includes Machine Learning (ML) for predictive responses to the end user for a more natural experience.

Acumatica is free to download with free training manuals and training videos. All that is needed to get started is a modern PC with moderate specifications exceeded by most PC gamers and programmers. With free access to the development tools, Acumatica source code, and free training material direct from Acumatica, anyone with an average Windows 10 PC and the desire and aptitude for programming can learn for free.

Acumatica’s momentum is building. With over 6000 customers around the world as of Summit 2020, Acumatica has become a strong and preferred competitor in the mid-market space by bringing a powerful platform to a growing number of industries. Summit 2019 was attended by around 1500 participants while Summit 2020 boasted 2300+ attendees. Even with the global pandemic of COVID-19 delaying it, Summit 2021 attendance grew to over 2500 attendees.

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